How to grow

How to Grow

What you’ll need:

  • Seeds
  • Water
  • Resealable bag
  • A suitable spot
  • FlowGrow Genesis

Step 1:

Before you start doing anything else, you have to choose what type of herbs or vegetables you want to grow. Its time to germinate! Fold the Res-Tech germination matrix over your seed and lightly soak with water. Place gently into a clear resealable bag and place in warm, dark place and give the seeds some time, remembering some seeds might take longer than others.

Watch your plants come to life!


Step 2:

Now that your plant has emerged, its time to place it in Genesis. Slot the Res-Tech cube into its port in the supplied cage and pour the substrate around it. The bottom of the cage sits snugly just above the water line below. Very soon, your plant’s roots will grow though the cage and form a mass in the reservoir.

You’ll need to set up Genesis now. Fill the reservoir to the indicated line with tap water. Our intelligent system will automatically adjust the pH of the water and add exactly the right amount of nutrient for you. Watch the goodness flow from the nutrient Pods!

Genesis will add nutrients when needed, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to add more or diluting big tubs of smelly seaweed solution.

Give your plant a mist and turn the lighting system on. The app will configure the lighting system to suit every stage of your plant’s life, ensuring the healthiest plant possible. Remember, if you want grow without our modern and energy saving LED lightning system, you have to make sure that the seeds you are choosing can be grown where you live.

Now wait an hour for calibration and Genesis will tell you if it needs to be placed in a different kind of location.

Step 3:

After a a few weeks, your plant will have grown wonderfully. Its time to prune! You can choose how large your plant grows – just cut any long branches and they will often split into two, making for a denser plant. A shorter plant with a flat top will maximise light exposure – but the freedom is yours. The app will teach you how to prune plants best and maximise yield.

Step 4:

When the plant is about half the desired height, its time to get it to flower. The app will guide you through the process of switching to 12/12 lighting. In a few weeks, you’ll be ready to harvest!


Genesis will guide you through all the confusing steps and notify you on your phone when you need to do any maintenance. A light mist, a weekly change of water and some fun pruning is all you need. Should your plant’s environment change for any reason, Genesis will detect any stresses and let you know.


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