About us

Flowgrow is a student enterprise specialising in making the best hydroponics systems.

Why did we start FlowGrow?
As university students we found buying herbs and vegetables at our local grocery store expensive. As a reason we played out with the thought of having our own garden, however after looking into the idea we found that it would require a large daily time commitment and furthermore non of us had the space to do it. After researching the problem we found that a hydroponics system would work perfectly, even mitigating the need for soil and access to a balcony, however the information out there was misleading and more complicated that it had to be.It was here the idea of FlowGrow came to us, we would build a product that would allow us to grow herbs with a minimum effort and space, and that would have a neat design so you could have it inside.

Who are we?
We are 6 students from a diverse range of studies at University of New South Wales.
2 business students, 3 science students and 1 engineer are collaborating to make sure the FlowGrow Genesis will work to perfection.