FlowGrow Genesis

Start a revolution with FlowGrow!

The FlowGrow Genesis is a semi-automated hydroponics system that makes growing your own herbs and vegetables convenient and fun. By using cutting-edge hydroponics technology, the Genesis makes growing the best, most fragrant plants a cinch. Genesis connects with your smartphone to guide (and remind!) you through the process of growing your very own.

Feel the freedom of choosing your own seed and strain, and the confidence in culturing it your way – additive free.


To make your life easier, the FlowGrow Genesis boasts a range of sensors that dynamically manage pH, flow rate, dissolved oxygen and more to give your plants exactly what they need. Genesis has an automated nutrient delivery system, a built-in display panel, and our own FlowStart drip system and oxygenator. To maximise yield and flavour, we’ve equipped FlowGrow Genesis with an efficient but extremely powerful LED lighting system.

The Genesis will become a part of the family, but we thought that it should fit in well too. Long gone are the buckets and tubes of old. The minimal lines of the Genesis make for a beautiful indoor planter, all self contained, so you can focus on whats happening upstairs rather than down.

The Genesis is for real people. Our system is more hands-on than other fully-automated systems out there. Instead of sealing your crop from the world, we think the grower should connect with the plant. With only a daily mist, a weekly top-up with tap-water and a few prunes here and there, you and your plant will experience the joys of home grown hydroponics. The real deal that doesn’t cost the world.

Check out the How to Grow tab for more info.

Click here to watch the FlowGrow teaser!

We need your help to make our product better, so please click here to complete a short questionnaire.


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